Curtain Call

We’re part way through post-production of Seen & Heard, a new hour long documentary film following the adventures of a unique theatre group where Deaf and hearing cast and crew members unite to mount a new Deaf-themed adaptation production of “The Little Mermaid” – despite surprising obstacles. The film follows the Deaf cast and crew in their life situations outside of the theatre. From romance hampered by parental prejudice, difficulty in finding and keeping work, to struggles to keeping up in a hearing university, the film follows the culture clashes and creativity of a group uniting in their passion to create.

To help complete filming, including the cost of ASL (American Sign Language) and LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise) interpreters during our shoots, we’re continuing our international crowdfunding campaign.

Whether you want to join in with $5 or $5,000, any amount is so helpful. You’ll not only be helping this important and entertaining documentary get made, you’ll also be increasing deaf awareness while becoming part of our filmmaking community!

An Early Sneak Peak!

More About The Film

Seen and Heard is a new thought-provoking documentary following the ups, downs and show stoppers of Canada’s unique mixed Deaf and hearing theatre troupe. As they put on a new Deaf-themed adaptation of “The Little Mermaid”, the hearing cast and crew gets a window into the Deaf world. Meanwhile the film follows the Deaf and hard of hearing cast and crew as they navigate in a world that largely doesn’t realize that they exist.

As the play comes together, a complex and intimate documentary will unfold that demonstrates the culture clashes, creativity, ingenuity and spirit of a group uniting in their passion to share their art with all audiences.